Wednesday, November 08, 2006


Kerala never fails to remind its visitors of what makes it different. I was there a couple of weeks ago and here’s my list. Feel free to add yours.
  1. We cross into Kerala border by train and a message arrives on my mobile. It reads, “Explore Kerala – God?s own country with IDEA”. God?s. Duh!
  2. The people haven’t changed at all in all these years. Any new face is looked upon as though he/she is from outer space.
  3. They still introduce you as their niece / cousin from ‘MADRAS’ as though Madras is 1600 light years away from Kerala.
  4. Jeans is taboo, so is coming home after 6 pm.
  5. They glare if your hair is short, not dripping of oil or in a colour other than black. I have received enough tips on how to turn my hair black, I can even write a best-seller on the topic.
  6. They behave as though sunlight has never penetrated the countryside in the past couple of decades.
  7. Girls don’t walk with their heads held high. That’s a man-thing.
  8. ‘Nighty’ has taken over as the state costume. It may be accessorised with a towel for the ‘in’ look. Soon you may find Malayalee women recommending that the nighty be given the status of national costume.
  9. Nighty is an excellent work-wear, home-wear, night-wear, daytime-wear, temple-wear, take-kid-to-school-bus wear, pack off-husband-to-office wear, anywhere.
  10. The lungi shall be in fluorescent pink, green or orange. And it shall be tied-untied-retied about 50 times a day.


jive said...

11. Adore 'mundu' to the extend that the govt. officials are gonna wear that 'compulsory' once in a week at work.

12. Most of them are so strict on their break-time during work, discuss everything under the sky and beyond. yup we are the literate ones in the country.

13. You ask for way while on drive, mostly likely would be getting a 'nere poykko..' no matter whom you ask. understand kerala is a lean strip down south.

14. So delighted are we to see a fellow mallu outside kerala; the sense of homeliness is awesome.

15. Hear the state news, and wonder why we are not a separate country.

16. Love to talk about it when outside; and just love to hate it when you are in there.


well said sanju.