Monday, March 29, 2010

The colour of advertising

Just another day in the ad world. Just another conversation, one among the many madnesses the poor devils in the agency encounter.
Patrick: Client | Linda: Client Servicing Executive
Hi Linda
Hi Patrick
Good morning.
Good morning.
The stuff we were looking at yesterday…?
Oh, the ad? Yes…
Can we have it in some other colour?
Any other colour? Why?
No… it is nice. But I was just wondering if we can have it in any other colour.
But Patrick, I think blood red will suit our purpose best. It will really stand out. And in any case, we’ve seen the other options and decided on this one.
May be we should try pale pink….?

And elsewhere in the same office
I want to change that deep blue to may be light beige…?
Light beige? But.
I think that would be look nice.
(Excitedly) Let’s do that.
The servicing guy promptly faints.

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