Thursday, September 24, 2015

Write in the morning

I wonder why I write. I wonder why I don't. I wonder how my day begins and ends - I don't really know sometimes what happens between waking up and going to bed. Sometimes I almost kill myself writing. Sometimes, there’s a hardly ever a word that jumps off the tip of my pen’s nib (Oh yeah, I write the old way too). Not writing anything is a worse death. I truly dread that.

15 years on since I first started scribbling for a living, I go on. And I am not bored of it yet. I thought I will, at some point. But I am not. I have met people who quit. I have met those who quit to do better things. I have met people who are bitter because they quit. I have met people who gave up because they found business management. And me? I write and I also do a whole lot of other things that include running a business and a home. 

I guess the question is, what am I writing today?

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