Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Lead by example, will you?

Mr. Bal Thackeray thinks we should have Hindu suicide bombers to counter the threat posed by Islam extremists.

Least expected from a person in such a responsible position like him! Least expected from a person who has been part of the political mainstream and someone who knows the pulse of his people. It is shocking, disappointing, irresponsible.

How could he say that? Does he realise how damaging that statement could be, among the party cadres who are waiting for a gesture to turn absolutely violent. I sometimes wonder what leads to the kind of mass hysteria and violence the Shiv Sena indulges in. Leadership, no doubt. The problem with mob mentality is that there is no thinking, no individual responsibility, and of course, no reasoning or rather, there is no need for it. But once out of the mob, an individual is an individual. 99% won’t have the same aggression, won't set vehicles on fire, throw stones or go on a rampage. That’s the human side.

Now while dozens die on either side, hundreds of families are destroyed, lives are ruined, minds scarred and the world community stands shell-shocked, where is the leadership?

And one question over your comment Mr. Thackeray, will you lead by example please? On the suicide bomber front? Well?

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