Thursday, June 19, 2008


Here’s it again. And this may not be the last time we are hearing about this.

Rajasthan just joined the list of states with maximum percentage in caste based reservation. From 49% to now 68%. Wow. And we are talking equality. And also democracy.

What are we aiming, for those under this system now? Better education? Better jobs? Better lives? What kind of a society are we working towards? A society that is knowledgeable and common sense rich or just “quota rich”?

What do we want our future to be?
What do we want for our kids?
What do we want to pass on to the generations that follow?
Is this all that we can do?
Is this what it should be?

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selva said...

Hi Rajani Nair, selva here...just visited ur blog fortunately...gud to read..its well composed.....ur much worried abt the ppl playing their own games in the name of caste based reservations in their states...and raised ur voice thru ur blog...great job done...continue ur writings...if possible do keep n care...